About Us

Kisanwala is a digital agri marketplace for farmers that aims to reduce farming risk and increasing profitability for farmers. We enable farmers to become self-reliant with modern-day digital agricultural technology, real time knowledge and information, quality inputs, and marketing support. Our solutions are customised to cater to the needs of individual farmer and his farm which can be easily accessed at their fingertips.

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How we do it

Our Agri-tech solutions are designed to reduce market information asymmetry to help farmers work more efficiently and produce better yields. Our services range from advisory, agronomy, and forecasting to providing support at Agri-input and Agri-output levels.

Our farmer-centric digital tools are designed in a way to provide a one-stop solution for all farm needs as an easy, accessible, and intuitive single-neutral platform. We offer services including crop protection, crop nutrition, seeds, and implements to improve the productivity of farmers and to make them sustainable in the face of threats to agriculture due to climate change.


Our Team